Odour Control

Electrostatic Precipitators:
Reduction in the Particulate Phase

Purified Air’s Electrostatic Precipitators are used to clean the airstream of smoke and grease in commercial kitchen exhaust emissions and are currently the only system specifically designed to operate in kitchen extracts. Being of modular design the ESP range can cope with all air flow levels.

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This ESP range is highly efficient and can remove particulate down to sub-micron (0.01 micron) size. Filter efficiency of 98% is attained during a single pass through the ESP, based on the charging of particles by an ionisation section (2). These particles are then trapped on the collector plates in the collector cell (3) with larger particulate in the air stream removed by the pre-filter (1). Lastly the air stream passes through an after-filter to prevent re-entrainment and provide good air distribution (4).


Maintenance of the ESP range is simple since no replacement filters are required. All that is needed is that the filters, ioniser and collector cells are removed regularly and cleaned with chemicals and warm water. Alternatively the ESP unit can be supplied with an integrated auto wash system designed to operate daily when the kitchen is closed.

On 100:
Reduction in the Gaseous Phase

The patented ON 100 odour control unit from Purified Air has been designed to neutralise odour-laden air from the exhaust ducts of restaurants. The ON 100 uses a combination of a chemical (Eliminodor) with ionisation to get rid of cooking smells and can reduce odours by up to 90%.

Easy to install and with low maintenance costs the ON 100 uses a combination of a chemical (Eliminodor) with ionisation to get rid of cooking smells.

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UV-O 1000:
Reduction in the Gaseous Phase

The Purified Air UV-O 1000 unit uses UV-C and ozone technology to eliminate commercial kitchen cooking smells. It is widely accepted that the best way to apply UV-C is in the airstream itself but the lamps quickly become dirty and effectiveness is greatly reduced.

Unlike with other UV-C systems the UV-O 1000 is located outside the kitchen extract and can be fitted on a wall in the kitchen or actually to the ducting itself. This makes it ideal for retrospective installations. Also, since the UV lamps are outside of the airstream, maintenance is minimal.